In just one session Adele asked me the right flow of questions to get me out of a pattern in my head that I’ve been stuck in for years and that has had a tremendous downward spiral Impact on my performance as a sales professional without me realizing what the problem was.

I’ve spent countless hours and dollars on sales training to sharpen my skills, but have always lacked the inner game.

Further, My calls feel flowier, I‘m more in balance with myself & my own identity as a closer and of course, being top of the board in my company is an amazing side effect.

Ben, High-Ticket Closer

Adele has been a great source of inspiration to me on many levels, but especially from the point of view regarding how to best maximize my mindset.

Before meeting with Adele I often fell easily into giving up too easily and not being fully convinced that I had the ability to close the sale.

Over time and with the right toolbox and professional coaching Adele taught me techniques that focused essentially on the ‘power of the mindset’.

Today I have the confidence and the ability to close sales without feeling that I suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’.

I highly recommend Adele as a sales coach who will surely be able to transform the way you think, feel and believe in yourself.

Lisa Remnelid

Senior sales & marketing consultan

Adele once told me something that I think about every single morning: ”I want to feel alive every day”

To me, that meant taking charge of my life, mindset, and beliefs in order to achieve my goals and dreams.

Using smart questions that make me stop and think makes her coaching so valuable.

She pushed me to a point that made me realize that I am not sold on myself and that I need to ”Buy myself”.

I knew it meant freeing myself from my limiting thought patterns and improving my self-knowledge.

It has brought me immense happiness and growth, and I can’t wait to what's coming.

Magdalena Chamoun

I am thrilled to share my heartfelt testimonial for Adele, my exceptional mentor who has been an instrumental guide in transforming not only my professional trajectory but also my personal outlook.

She skillfully navigated the complexities of psychology, unveiling its potential to revolutionize my sales approach. With her guidance, I learned how to decode customer motivations, anticipate their needs, and effectively communicate in a way that resonates deeply.

I have been able to not only close high-ticket deals but also establish authentic connections with clients. Adele's mentoring style is a perfect blend of wisdom, patience, and practicality. She creates an environment where questions are encouraged, challenges are embraced, and growth is celebrated. Her dedication to nurturing holistic development is palpable, making her a mentor par excellence.

Her mastery of psychology-backed sales strategies is matched only by her genuine care for her mentees' well-being. I am immensely grateful for the profound impact she has had on my journey. With Adele's guidance, I have not only elevated my sales performance but have also evolved into a more empathetic, insightful, and successful individual.

Varun Bhardwaj

Senior Business Developer